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Private Medellin metro tour

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Once our bilingual driver has met you at the hotel or the location you have suggested Medellin City Services® for pick up, tour heads north on a customized journey by car with AC just minutes away. First stop takes place at downtown to contemplate the 23 statues donated by our most popular local artist Fernando Botero. At Botero Plaza, there is enough free time to walk around and take the best postcard pictures so just get ready to discover the rest of Medellin and enjoy the only metro system in Colombia for the fun has only started with Medellin City Services®. There are convenient facilities where to use bathrooms or grab snacks at any time and is recommended to bring cash and/or Colombian pesos since not every store takes credit or debit cards. After a guided visit, our local guide will wait for you for at least 15 minutes before you go on to the next stop at Botanical Garden where you will experience the most amazing variety of local flowers, birds, and butterflies.

After a few minutes of a pleasant walk around Botanic garden, tour gets back on the Metro train to continue to the amazing library of Santo Domingo Savio, a donation from the kings of Spain in order to improve the quality of life in this comuna. Feel free to checkout this modern library or just keep going up towards the very top of the mountain. This is a fascinating experience with Medellin City Services® that not only shows the real Medellin, but also provides amazing views when moving from the urban area to the other side of the mountain to visit the natural reserve of Parque Arví. Just fly over the three tops and enjoy the pleasant sceneries of the country side.

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