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Your Medellin City Services® professional guide will meet with you at your accommodation, and then embark on a personalized tour by air conditioned transportation heading southwest Antioquia for a delicious experience with the most amazing coffee sceneries in our geography. First stop takes place just 45 minutes away from Medellin, at Titiribí exactly in order to share majestic views of Tusa Peak, only natural pyramid on earth. Upon arrival you can make yourself comfortable and stretch legs, walk around for a photo and/or use bathrooms while your free sample of gourmet 100% Colombian café is being served. There are cafeterias and restaurant and we recommend bringing cash since not all shops take credit cards. Moving right along towards the fascinating Jardín village, at the heart of Los Andes trail, tour heads to one of the most prominent coffee farms in the region with approximately 200,000 coffee trees, to get hands-on approach about coffee plantations straight from the hands of the very collector.

With Medellin City Services® you will be able to identify the best coffee beans in your hands that will make the ideal cup of coffee. From baby plants all the way to the final selection of the greatest beans, you will learn interesting facts about this fascinating coffee world that makes for Colombia´s flag, particularly in this region which happens to sell their year round production to Nestlé Corporation.

Finally, Views to Jardin, the most traditional and picturesque coffee town in Antioquia can be shared as you ride the cable car to the top of this coffee mountain. Medellin City Services® will treat you for a last coffee before heading back. Visit the local coffee shop in the middle of the Jardin square and enjoy the coffee beverage of your dreams or just browse for a fresh coffee bag to bring home where they will remind you of your tropical adventure.

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