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Medellin private grafiti tour (4 hours)

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Once our bilingual driver has met you at the hotel or the location you have suggested Medellin City Services® for pick up, tour heads north on a customized journey by car with AC just minutes away. First stop takes place at downtown to discover part of the street art near government center and train station. Feel free to stop anytime and use bathrooms or purchase extra drinks while you make yourself comfortable and take pictures or ask questions to the guide. There are convenient facilities where to grab snacks at any time so is recommended to bring cash or Colombian pesos since not every store takes credit or debit cards.

As your Medellin City Services® guide leaves this area narrating the daily basis, tour gets deep into the slums for a gondola ride (cable car) to get to the top of the hill where average natives hang friendly. Hope you are not afraid of heights because this cable car will allow you to contemplate the best city views from the eyes of a regular local.

Finally, best part takes place at Comuna 13 where the most fascinating murals and decorated homes will make a perfect postcard photo. Discover how the major and other entities got involved in the development of this community, sponsoring colorful projects along the barrio such as painted roofs and homes.

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