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Private Medellin barrio transformation tour.


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Once our bilingual driver has met you at the hotel or the location you have suggested Medellin City Services® for pick up, tour heads northwest on a customized journey by car with AC just minutes away. First stop takes place at San Javier where you will be able to contemplate the whole city with the most spectacular views. You can use bathrooms and/or purchase extra drinks while you make yourself comfortable and take pictures or ask questions to the guide. There are convenient facilities where to use bathrooms or grab snacks at any time so is recommended to bring cash or Colombian pesos since not every store takes credit or debit cards. Discover the reality and true atmosphere of this so-called rough area. This same area where social, government projects have improved the quality of life by widening walking paths, improving the foundations and appearances of surrounding houses, and providing space for residents to be outside, including plastic slides for children to play on and enjoy their community. Walk around this new safe barrio with the assistance of your Medellin City Services® personal guide/driver, a native professional who knows his way around securely.

Second and best part of the tour involves a vibrant visit to one of the most innovative slums in Medellin where nowadays residents can ride an escalator, in what the city’s major said to be the first massive outdoor public escalator for use by residents of a poor area. For generations, the 12,000 residents of Medellin’s tough Comuna 13 had no option but to climb hundreds of large steps which authorities consider equals the height of a 28-story building. Nowadays, a modern heavy duty electrical escalator aids their way up home specially when carrying heavy groceries or building supplies.

There is enough free time to walk around and take amazing pictures so get ready to discover the real Medellin and enjoy the tallest outdoor escalator in the Western Hemisphere for the fun has only started with Medellin City Services®. Check out a real Medellin barrio and their exclusive Graffiti art projects reflecting their hopes and feelings after violent past days.

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